The quest for the  perfect shirt is a project exploring masculinity, one shirt at a time.


A shirt is a simple thing.  Front, back, sleeves.  So why is it so difficult to find the perfect shirt?  Sometimes a shirt feels just right. We wear the shirt, we wash the shirt, we wear the shirt again. Over time the shirt becomes a container of memories, a marker of confidence, a keeper of secrets.


I am on a quest to make the perfect shirt.


I have been talking to people all around the country about shirts.  What shirts they like, how shirts should be worn, what their shirts say about the people they are.  I’ve found that people soon stop talking about their shirts, and start talking about themselves; their Dad’s, their friends, their lovers.  Their shirts are reflections of how complex masculinity has become.


I am on a quest to hold 1000 conversations about masculinity  and from those conversations I am sewing 100 shirts.  Each conversation informs what the next shirt will be.  One conversation led to a shirt of pink sequins, another to a shirt decorated with tiny Arabic symbols.


I am making shirts in public places.  These include a residential care home, a community centre, an LGBT centre.  Maybe you have somewhere I could make a shirt?  A beach hut, a festival, a church...?  Send me a message, there's a box down there