The quest for the perfect shirt

For centuries men have gone on quests. King Arthur sent his knights on quests, the Greeks recorded their heroes' quests, and men row oceans, walk up mountains or run with fridges on their backs. Going on a quest apparently makes you a man.

Which means I'm probably not a real man. I don't really like the outdoors, I'm vegetarian (so please don't ask me to plunge a knife into the skull of an innocent caiman while being filmed for channel 4) and I like sewing.

I'm also really interested in men and masculinity. There are lots of contradictions about being a man. Apparently men don't like to talk, but I've found that at work men usually have an awful lot to say. Apparently men don't like to join groups, but I see thousands of them at football matches. Apparently men are naturally aggressive, but most of the men I know don't like fighting.

I want to understand men and masculinity better, so I've been thinking about ways to get men talking, and I've found that shirts are a really good starting point.

Whenever I start to talk to a man about his shirts, the conversation begins with colour, fit, fabric. But pretty soon it turns to dads, colleagues, friends. And then it soon moves on to talking about how men see themselves, how they think other men see them, how they can or can't dress or behave in public. So I have decided to go on a quest to find the perfect shirt.

My quest is to hold 1000 conversations and make 100 shirts.

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