Science and Shirts

Thank you to everyone who came to talk to me at the Science Museum today. I think I only managed to sew about 2 seams, so many interesting people, so many brilliant conversations. Thank you to the man who told me about his Dad from Sierra Leone, the man who wore the boldest shoes I've ever seen on a Civil Servant, even the man who tried to argue that there was no sexism in the engineering industries (I welcome all opinions!).

Mostly thank you to the London Pride Committee, the staff at the Science Museum and to Peter Flynn for making it all happen.

Amongst the fascinating men I met was Paul Coxon ( who amongst other things (I hope I heard this right...) has made the second blackest black silicon. But unlike Anish Kapoor, Paul is trying to make his black (matt flat black I imagine) as cheap as possible, which will contribute to making better batteries (I think this is right - Paul if you ever read this please correct any errors). Paul has inspired me and so I have ordered the matt black paint from artist Stuart Semple that is available to anyone other than Anish Kapoor. I'm not sure yet how I will use the paint on a shirt, but my slow brain is turning.

Below are a few pictures from my night at the museum...

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