Post Turner Prize

I think the adrenaline has finally dropped out of my body. Lubaina Himid was always the winner in my mind, but Lubaina was convinced that she wouldn't win, and I started to think that my joking that 'I was with the winner', or ' the winner's room', started to make me think that I might jinx the result. But it didn't. I had a brilliant time at the awards ceremony, once I had got over my moment of tears (at that point I wasn't drunk). As I said to Lubaina, when I was little I thought she was the coolest, cleverest most talented and beautiful person I had ever met; I still do. Thanks to everyone who has sent lovely messages of congratulation, which I have of course passed on to Lubaina.

Since the prize I have been thinking a lot about the Quest for the Perfect Shirt. I had a conversation on Tuesday (19th December) with Kate Sweeney. She asked a really pertinent question about how the body is put back into the empty shirts. It's a very good question, because otherwise I am making a project about masculine/non-masculine pattern, design and fabric - the things that make a shirt, rather than the masculinity that the shirts envelope and embody. I don't have an answer (yet!) but it is a question I shall ponder over Christmas.

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You can help me in my quest?  Tell me about your perfect shirt. Why is it perfect? What memories does it hold? What does it remind you of?

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