Queerest Club

It's been a very long time since I wrote in the blog. I have been keeping notes in my book, I find it easier, having it by the bed like a diary. I hate getting on my ipad, or phone, or computer once I'm in bed.

The last few days have been brilliant and challenging. The brilliant has been hanging out with Lubaina and Ingrid (Pollard). The challenging was the launch dinner at Baltic where I felt I was having to fence with other men artists. Who knew lovely art school boys could be so ruthless?

The other brilliant has been working on Raising the Flag and Our Kisses are Petals. Katie Hickman, Sarah Munro, Louise Todd, Adrienne and Tom have been brilliant. The amazing weather, the beautiful singing of Northern Proud Voices and the efficiency of Katie and Tom made our first Raising of the Flag brilliant. It made me cry.

But on to Queerest Club. I'm getting ready for two weeks of shirt activity. First is the Science Museum on Wednesday 27th, and then my pop up two day exhibition with Curious Festival on 4th and 5th July. Naomi, Lubaina, Peter, Susan, Flora and Ben are all coming (and maybe Emily and Rob) so at least a few people will be kind...

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